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Here are some fun facts & things that are good to know
before placing your order with us.
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All policies are subject to change with no notifications.

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Here at One Oak, our goal is to provide you with modest clothing for the modern women.
We strive to offer cute and trendy apparel without compromising modesty.
We design clothing with YOU in mind.


Did you know? One O.A.K. is a monogram for One Of A Kind?
That is exactly the type of products we carry.
Because we design all of our clothing, everything we carry is 100% one of a kind.

Everything is made of upmost quality within the borders of the United States.

1OAK began in 2015 as My Fabric Closet.
It all started with one uncontrolled stash of fabric.
I worked for my grandmother at a fabric shop and also had a love for fabric.
I loved to be able to get my hands on all the latest, newest, and greatest fabrics and be able to sew a piece of clothing before anyone was able to get their hands on it.
Little did I know, my small home run side hobby of a business would turn it into a clothing business and I become a modern clothing designer myself.
Although, that is something I've always dreamed of, though I never
thought I was creative enough to launch my own clothing line.
As the interest starting expanding, so did the business.
I saw the ever growing need to provide our community
and beyond with modest swim and athletic wear.
Knee length skort options were always very limited.
Beautiful designs and patterns were always a rare find.
Most skorts available were solid colored. 
Over time, I heard multiple people discussing
their issues with not being able to find long enough skirts.
#tallgirlproblems I heard others complain of skirts being too long.
#shortgirlproblems That's when I started racking my brain.
How can I answer those cries and fulfilled their desires?
I then set out on a mission to search for seamstresses.
I consider it a blessing I was able to find a few to get me started.
With being able to offer our customers custom lengths,
it drew many people people to our small business.
It is one of the main reasons our customer base LOVES One Oak.
After finding several seamstresses, I then created my own patterns.
I am forever grateful for each and every seamstress here at One Oak.
Most of our seamstresses are stay at home
moms who are looking for a little extra income.
They are grateful for your business and appreciate that extra cash.
Unfortunately, they can't stay forever.
But that's okay, life moves on, their children get married,
and they have other responsibilities.
We have had multiple seamstresses over the years since the beginning of One Oak,
and couldn't have survived without any of them.
We are who we are today because of them.


All the fabric the skorts consist of, are hand picked for you.
We order big quantities of fabric.
We love when we are able to restock customer favorites.
However, unfortunately, we are not always able to restock a fabric.
So, if you LOVE a print, be sure to order it immediately!
If a fabric does sell out, there is also a chance we are
not able to order the exact same color/fabric as we had previously.
Therefore, our fabrics/colors may vary slightly from
one order to the next without a warning or notice.
We always choose the highest of quality fabrics.
In an unfortunate occasion of a hand picked fabric not wearing well,
we will immediately take action and discontinue that specific print.
We will reward/refund all customers who have
purchased that piece with store credit.
We stand behind our products and want to offer you
only the best for an unbeatable price.


Shipping is $4.99 flat rate to all 50 states in the U.S.A. 
We are also able to ship outside the country. However, shipping is additional.
We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or undelivered packages.
Skorts orders are made to order, due to most of them having a custom length.
Our seamstresses are busy and try hard to
complete your orders as soon as they receive them.
The order completion time takes approximately 14-21 business days.
We then ship your order. Shipping can be expected to take 1-8 business days. 
The typical total completion time for one order is 21-28 business days. 
After the order is complete, you will receive an email with tracking info
If the package is delayed due to the customer's failure to communicate, 
One Oak is not responsible for a delayed order.


Here at One Oak, we strive to design one of a kind products
and make them available to you. 

Our goal is to serve and assist you the best we know how. 

To us, you are not just another customer.
Our goal is to treat you like family.
Our goal is to encourage our community and beyond to go above and beyond
and be successful in life...loving themselves and others for who God made them to be
and growing stronger every day! 

Thank you for your business and support.
We couldn't do it without you. -Nikki

Hello, beautiful and welcome to One Oak.

return policy

Returns are accepted if the item purchased is received in brand new condition
(unworn & unwashed).
We have the right to decline any return that does not meet our requirements.
(see * for exclusions)


- Buyer must pay return shipping
-Returns must be received by One Oak
within 30 days of the customer receiving the order
-Returns will be rewarded 
with store credit


*No returns on custom orders
(Custom orders are any customizations made to a skort.
Adding pockets and adding length is considered custom.)

*No returns on patterns
*No returns or exchanges on sale items

Return address:
P.O. Box 61
Paradise, PA 17562
Include in the package:
+order number
+name of the person listed on the invoice
+reason for return
(too big, too small, not flattering, too short, too long, etc.)
+how you would like us to process the return
(credit your account, replace with a new size, or replace with a new product)


cancellation policy

Customers wishing to cancel an order after 72 hours of placing an order will be charged a $2 convenience fee.
Orders can no longer be canceled after 3 days of placing the order.


rush order policy

We understand our turn around time is more lengthy than a lot of companies.
Like mentioned above, we do our best to be sure to ship your orders as soon as possible after receiving the order.
If you are needing your order prior to the expected date,
please contact us within a minimum
of 5 days prior to you needing your order.
(Weekends and holidays are excluded.) 

We will do our best to ensure you will receive your order in time.
All rush orders will be charged a minimum of $10 in addition to the order. 
If shipping costs exceed $10, the customer will be responsible to cover the remaining cost.

The $10 minimum fee will be emailed to the email address initially provided by the customer.
The $10 minimum fee must be paid within 48 hours of the invoice time.
Otherwise, the rush order will be voided. 

One Oak Apparel reserves the right to decline any rush order.
We do our best to accommodate all rush order requests.
However, there are times we simply are not able to complete a request.


out of stock policy

In the case of an item being out of stock, and the customer wishes to cancel the order without replacing the item with another One Oak product, the customer will be refunded in full.
The customer's original payment method will be refunded with no additional charges. 



Nichole Bills, founder & owner

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