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Shop our trendy modern skorts for effortless styling.

"I have a small collection and I'm in love! Hands down my favorite skorts ever!"
"Customer service was responsive and lovely. I would definitely purchase again. It fits and wears like a dream."
"Very well made. Just what I was looking for that I had trouble finding anywhere else. I am planning on ordering again. No hesitation. Fits great as expected."
"I cannot tell you how pleased I am! They are nice, not tight, comfortable, and cute! Everything that I've been looking for! I will be recommending them to everyone!"
"I've never been disappointed with my purchase. I actually wear them to work with my scrub tops. I will continue to purchase from One Oak Apparel."

Why One Oak?

We provide one-of-a-kind products you cannot find elsewhere.

We are mainly known for our vast variety of skorts.

Classic skorts and modern skorts can be customized to your length.

Short girl and tall girl, look no further for skorts of your preferred length.

You will find it all right here.

We are secondly known for our unique selection of products.

We are always designing products with YOU in mind.

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We support stay-at-home mothers with jobs to help provide an extra income for their families.


Hello, beautiful.
Welcome to One Oak!

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Here at One Oak, our goal is to provide you with modest clothing for the modern woman.
We strive to offer cute and trendy apparel without compromising modesty.
We design clothing with YOU in mind. Please find some useful information below.


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